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Monday, 21 September 2015

Hello again

Hi Everyone,
  Well here we are again, little bruised and battered but still standing. Thank you all for your very sweet and kind messages, I promise to answer them all very soon. 
  Hopefully if I can,I have quite a few really nice things to post for you over the coming week, not least a wonderfully naughty short story from our very own Rubber H, which features poor Andy and a dear old friend of ours.
 But in the meantime I have been taught to focus on things which make me smile and bring back special memories and so I have posted in it entirety a Video of Welsh Singer Katherine Jenkins performing a few years back at G.A.Y in London. She appeared wearing a Jaw dropping Latex dress (a total change of image for her) and performed a number of songs including this one.
  So this is a good place to begin.


  1. Can't fault your judgement there. She is drop dead gorgeous, and she looks amazing in that dress.

    1. Hi Alice
      Thank you for your comment, Yes she is gorgeous and it was a real surprise when she stepped out in that Latex dress, usually she would have been in a long silk gown or something like that, but the Latex was a real stunner and went down a storm. Though somehow she never really looked totally relaxed in it, which kind of added to her appeal.
      Thanks again

  2. nyenor29 September 2015 at 00:30
    I've Been trying to comment on the Jenkins video but keep getting an error message that will not allow me to do so and the same thing happens on this page. Commenting as a 'reply' is the only way I can get access. On Katherine in that dress - I feel she does not look 'comfortable' in it. Why oh why do these singers always use a language that most cannot understand. She could be singing about anything at all.