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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kylie Minogue in Red Hot Latex

Hi everyone
  Still coming across some super videos of Kylie in her Latex dresses from last year. This one is a real gem. Filmed in HD from the crowd it really shows the shine and texture of Latex. It is a dress once more by William Wilde and is superbly stylish and sexy. At the end we can hear someone say, "Just one song?".  Well yest only one but I imagine Miss Minogue needed to get out of that dress before is got too hot and sweaty inside........to late.
  Back soon with more art and stuff, but I hope you enjoy this musical break in the meantime.
   Love and best wishes to all

I am not the greatest lover of Blue Latex, but this might just persuade me other wise.

here is the super clear HiDef version


  1. Pity its not a nice professional shoot, that would be far better, plus the sound would be better as well. Still, as the saying goes - beggars can't be choosers.

    1. Hi Nyenor
      Come across a Pro filmed version of the Blue dress. Will post it here later.
      Either way Kylie still rocks
      Hope you are welll Nyenor

    2. Thank you for finding that full version. Kylie certainly still has what it takes to get an audience eating out of her hand. Who says you are too old at 40+? Did you notice the back-up singers were wearing thigh boots?

    3. You are most welcome. Kylie was a brave lady to take on Latex at her more mature years but she shows all the young stars how to wear it with style and masses of sex appeal.
      Oh yes I noticed the dancers, it was a total fetish extravaganza.
      Only Celeb I have ever seen up close in Latex was singer Katherine Jenkins when she played G.A.Y in London. Never had heart attack when she stepped out in an Atsuko Kudo dress about 10 feet away.
      Take care my friend