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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

William Wilde. New Latex Collection

Hi Everyone,
   Hope you are all super well.
One of our favorite designers of beautiful Latex fashions William Wilde, has just released a new collection of dresses and Lingerie entitled Wilde Fire. 
   As ever with Mr Wilde they are superb (come on Kylie you know you want too).

Here are a few of my faves,

Latex Voleur Mini Dress
Latex Voleur Mini Dress      
  Love the delicate pink in this and the perfectly placed horizontals, about the breast. Cute and sexy and damn hot.

  The Heartbreaker Skirt.
  Perfect length, love the wider waist band and oh so many swishy pleats. Love Love LOVE.

The Latex Tempest Dress

Latex Tempest Dress 
  Perfect for Awards season, clean, simple, elegant and drop dead gorgeous, with a stunning flesh tone V insert for extra drama. A beautiful Pencil dress designed to catch and display every sensual curve.

  Latex Venus Pencil Skirt
  I love a sleek and simple Pencil Skirt and I adore the length and extra slim fit of this hip enhancing, thigh embracing, bottom wiggling beauty by the brilliant William Wilde.

  The see the rest of the collection  http://www.williamwilde.com/collections/wilde-fire-latex-clothing

  Hope you agree, these are quite stunning and I am sure we all hope to see our favorite celebs polished up to perfection very soon.



  1. Hmmm, not something we would see at the supermarket. I need to get out more. When do we get to see you encased in such luxury? Valentine's day is coming soon. Do you have it over there as well ?

    1. Hi Lee
      I would love to get the legs out for that entire Heart Breaker skirt outfit, perhaps with my latex halter neck top. We have Valentines here, but think i will give it a miss until i can see my friends in France in a couple of weeks..
      Hope all is super well with you my dear. Thank you for all your support,

    2. Stunning collection. Hope you get to try when you next visit. I'm sure your friends will appreciate in so many different ways. I think the pencil skirt or the Voleur dress would look fantastic on you, although I think a certain gentleman might prefer the pleated ra-ra skirt merely for ease of access. ;-)

    3. Oh no S, The Pencil skirt, Gi and I would want P to work a little for his pleasure,

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