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Monday, 12 November 2012

Peril Art- A mayday call

Hi everyone,
   This is a request for some help. I am a huge fan of  Bondage, fetish and peril comic book art, Like the kind i have posted below. Years ago there was a shop in town which sold old copies of PENTHOUSE COMIXXX Magazine which featured this kind of art. Anyway i was wondering if any of you lovely people had any idea where i could track down more of this art.
By the way if anyone knows how this story below begins or ends i would really really love to know and if the creator  of this work pops by. I apologise for not asking permission to post it here, but do so with respect and huge admiration.

Thank you for visiting my blog
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  1. I remember seeing it /somewhere/, but I cannot remember where, but I do remember that definitively it was at least supposed to end with the one girl's death, so in the end I wasn't much of a fan of it.

  2. Here some places you can find the comics like this

    penthouse comics and taboo ilustrated are the best but there are others

  3. Forgot one


    What issue was this from or where did it come from
    Hope it helps
    also if you need a publisher site for your stuff I know a few..

  4. Hi honey. Entirely understand the appeal of this. Latex encasement would be a real treat - provided you could still wear your high heels. ;-)

  5. Thank you everyone for your help. I shall enjoy searching .
    Best wishes

  6. http://stvkar.deviantart.com/gallery/40563352

  7. @Andy.latex Btw, can you share your top of best latex/fetish/bondage stories?