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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Kate Beckinsale in Latex

Hi everyone
 Hope you are all OK. I came across this the other evening. I am a fan of the underworld films, Not only for the sight of the lovely Ms Beckinsale in her latex catsuit, but also for the plot and action. Anyway this clip was very interesting for not only did it explain the new film it also features an interview with Ms Beckinsale whilst she was in costume. The resulting "sound effects", created by her slightest movement illustrate another r

eason i and we all adore latex.
 Hope you enjoy.

here is the link to a super HD version


  1. IMHO the only good thing about these movies is Ms Beckinsale. I do not like this type of movie and the worst thing about the one I watched is that so many of the scenes are in dark situations that is almost impossible to see the great outfits being worn by the star. I believe Kate is the daughter of the guy who starred alongside Ronnie Barker in the British TV show 'Porridge'.

  2. Hello darling,

    Kate looks fabulous in this costume, here are some other extracts of her in her hot latex:
    And just for you:
    Hope you will like!
    Kissies aplenty, ma petite chérie!

  3. Thanks for those links honey. I must admit though i have both the first films and if it is possible to wear a DVD thin i have done so with them.