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Monday, 15 August 2011

Hi honey i'm home

Hi everyone.
  ow that was a very special week and i must start by saying thank you frstly to all of you who sent me such lovely wishes, so thank you , Jennifer, Colleen, Asudem, Gromet, R'slave 87, Nicole, S, Emily, Melissa and of cause Silvia. If i have left anyone out do please forgive me, but my head is still very much in Paris and my body very much in Amanda, But thank you all it was very sweet of you. Secondly i must thank our hosts, who i will call An and D. An you are one of the kindest and prettiest ladies i have ever met and thank you for the present, i shall think of you whenever i paint my nails and D you are a sweet and welcoming person and if i may say rather sexy, but don't tell P. Finally (golly you would think i was getting the nobel prize}, finally i must thank G and P. Firstly P Yes i was a little funny when you arrived,but you knew why. It is because i have ever felt so close to a man in such a way before, you are sweet, gentle , lovely, very very naughty and so sexy. XXXXXX
 And G, Aunt Gi spending time with you is the most wonderful experience, you are so kind, fun and loving and more importantly you make me feel so safe. I don't think i would have the nerve to go out as Amanda if i did not have my hand in yours, you are so beautiful in every way and i still say that guy was trying to put his hand on your bottom and not mine.
 So thank you all for everything, i hope i repayed your kindness and generousity. XXXXX

I will tell you all a little bit about my trip over the next few days, but i need to stretch out and relax for a day first. However the desire to remain as Amanda, as who i am now, with polished pink nails and creamy lips is greater than ever. Each time i return from a long trip as Amanda the idea of staying gets greater. I would love to be able to just say, this is now me. but there is a real world out there and i have put my head above the parapits before nad nearly had it knocked off, so i will just relax and think a while.
 Sorry if that went a bit deep then.
 Anyway, i am back so lets see what happens next.
lots of kisses


  1. Hey Amanda,

    Glad you had a lovely time, look forward to hearing about it when your ready.


  2. Welcome back Andy, or should that be Amanda? and I look forward to more tales about your holiday in paris.

  3. Welcome home, Amanda. :) Looking very much forward to hearing about your exploits during your stay in Paris! :) Still so very jalous, wish it was me. :)

  4. Welcome back form Paris, I bet you had a fabulous time and did lots of stuff. Be whoever you want to be Amanda/Andy and don't let the buggers get you down! (And you'd better be clad in tight latex too)

    Have fun, be yourself (and write about it)