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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

clip of the week. "Dani Behr in red and black Latex"

Hi Everyone
  The clip of the week, this week is a retro re post. I was checking back through the blog when I saw  the link to my original post about Dani Behr was now defunct. So I set about uploading the clip myself, only to discover once I had done so that someone had posted the full episode of the word online, including, to my utter delight, the moment I had always thought I had imagined, a slow and deliberate tracking shot from the toes up, clearly designed to show off her shiny tight Latex outfit.
  So that of cause meant re-editing my clip, to feature the new stuff.
I also discovered the show was broadcast in 1994 and that stopped me dead, 94? I was.....7? crikey! and that put a date on the first time I was attracted to the smooth delights of Latex, not that at the time I really had any idea of what her outfit was made of, nor of how wonderful it would have smelt or of how hot she would have been by the end of the show.
  By the way, there is a moment toward the end where she puts her arm up across the back of the sofa, I had always thought it was just to show off the outfit, but now I get the feeling it was to prevent the sweat which must have been building up, from dripping out of the sleeves. I know this happens, because it happened to me, (embarrassing cringe).
 Anyways here is the retro clip of the week and I am sorry for the aspect ratio being wrong, if anyone knows how to correct it please could you let me know.
  Take care


  1. Thanks for this amazing clip of supershiny black and red Beth.
    I just wish for some high res images from the show.

    Bringing it up to date. Have you seen Gigi Hadids performance for Lip Sinc Battle ? Either way - here is the link
    Black, shiny and sexy !

    1. Hi Peter
      Me too, but sadly this clip only seems to exist now in low res home recording quality.A clearer correct ratio version would be like the holy grail to me. Glad yo liked it though.
      And many many thanks for the Gigi Clip. I posted about it at the time but every time i tried to post the full version of it, including her being presented with the winner belt, Viacom got it removed. Now I will add your clip to post.
      Many thanks

    2. Hi honey, as you know I posted a version at http://amandablogtest.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/gigi-hadid-in-pvc-catsuit-lyp-sync.html . I have a hi-res download of this of about 100Mb size. I'll see if I can segment and send to you.