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Friday, 22 November 2013

Latex and Emma Watson. Garmentia Latexium returns.

                                                         It has happened again!

   Hi everyone, this is Amanda Keira once again reporting for Smoothslick'n'shiny on the mysterious Latexium curse which still has a grip in British Actress and style icon Emma Watson
  The latest 'Event' took place at the Cannes yacht Club in the glamorous south of France. Miss Watson, though no longer an official spokesperson for Lancome, looked impeccable as ever, with classic red lips and intricate eyes and was reported to be as bright and charming as ever. However It would appear the curse has either developed a sense of place or a sense of humour,for within an hour of her  arrival at the Gala dinner, Miss Watsons simple red Dior  dress had utterly transformed into a polished and slick pastiche of a Naval Uniform, complete with Gold rings on her cuffs and a cap to complete.
    To be honest, the effect was sunning. The tiny black Latex dress, little more than a jacket, was as smooth and shiny as any prepared by one of the larger fetish fashion houses, such as House of Harlot or Honour and showed off the pretty Actresses curves and legs to perfection.
  As ever throughout this the young beauties cool never visibly wavered and, despite  cutting her photo call to this one shot, she remained to dance the night away in her own simple elegant and quintessentially British style.
   Leaving the event I was fortunate enough to grab a couple of questions.
  S.S.S.... Hi Emma, Might I say on behalf of S.S.S readers that you looked stunning tonight despite your on going Latexium difficulties.
  E.W.... That is a good way to put  it,difficulties but thank you. Thank you so much. Still, at least it was in keeping. I think these rings make me a Captain don't they? It is just a shame it is so brief.
  S.S.S..... The cap was a nice touch.
  E.W........I have absolutely no idea where that came from.
  S.S.S .....Is the curse diminishing at all.
  E.W.......To a degree yes, I think it is. I have certain things which work against it. Leather will not turn into Rubber so my jacket collection is safe.But I must admit this (pauses in thought) ....kind of..intelligent? Transformation is a little un-nerving, if having all your clothes turn into Rubber is not un-nerving enough. So perhaps it is not as random as first thought.
    As this point Miss Watsons car appeared and with a smile, a wave and compliment on my own heels, was gone.
  Emma Watson. Actress, Model, Style icon, but most of all a true beauty both inside and out.
  Stay tuned for anymore breaking news.
   For SmoothSlick'n'Shiny I'm Amanda Keira Louboutin.


  1. PinkLover_NinaGirl23 November 2013 at 01:40

    Oh noes, the curse is evolving what will happen to our dear Emma....

    Don't know but i have a strong feeling, it's latex related (giggle)

    As always excellent work Andy

    1. Hi PinkLover
      Thank you for your comment. I can guarantee it will involve latex. And as i write this our reporter Amanda Keira is filing a new report on a new outbreak.
      Stay turned

  2. Oh dear, this is getting really serious, just as well Emma seems to be enjoying the curse judging by her smiling demeanor. The shiny latex looks just lovely+ though I am not a fan of uniform type fetish.

    1. Hi Jennifer
      Emma does seem happy. Perhaps it is growing on her.
      Thank honey

  3. This picture is awesome! Thanks!