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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gemma Arterton In Pvc!

Hi Everyone
    Gemma Arterton in Pvc? has the curse struck another gorgeous British Actress?
Well, no or maybe yes. But then again who cares, because this time we have full video evidence of the curse.
  Now I, to my delight, have in the past worn a PVC pencil skirt (though not so perfectly as Gemma) and can vouch for how tricky they can be to walk in; especially in such heels. Where latex will give a little stretchy freedom of step, PVC does not and so your step must be far more measured to keep your balance. You can see Gemma is slightly restricted, but that just adds to the stunning effect.
  Yes first Video evidence. Call Moulder and Scully.


  1. Piss off spammer. You are a bloody nuisance 

    1. Thank you for your surport. Spam deleated. For now anyway.

  2. The skirt appears to have a fairly long slit up the back. Imagine how hard it would be to walk in it without this aid

    1. Very hard indeed my friend. The slit is no mere fashion thing and without it Gemma would have had to have even more hip swivellingly amazing than she was here.
      Was there a zip at the rear? I have tried to see. Again and again and again.

  3. You're right, she looks fabulous like this.